Being Excellent

From March 9-12…..

At the beginning of the year I signed up to be the DEAR reader in Lilli’s class once a month, and went ahead and blocked it off on my work calendar to make it happen.  I’d been going all year, but in March Lilli really wanted Brent to come.  So he went and had lunch with her, had a “good” burger and read to the class.  I know he enjoyed spending time with her, but having lunch in the crazy cafeteria isn’t at the top of either one of our lists!


A little sibling wrestling.


How Olli stayed warm all winter.  Relaxing and  maxing on the heat vent.


I received an award at work (along with 20 or so others).  They give out the award during our chapel service and had a luncheon afterwards.  Brent took the day off and we let Lilli skip school to come.  I heard she was a pretty cute little cheering section from some coworkers sitting on the same row.


She was also my little paparazzi in the photo shoot afterwards.


After lunch I took the rest of the day off and we let Lilli pick what we did – no surprise she chose Chuck E Cheese.  The best part about skipping school and going in the daytime is having the place to yourself!


Apparently when no one is there it’s ok for grown adults to ride the carousel.


Styling for gymnastics.  It ended up being picture night, which her coach didn’t tell us about before hand.  Obviously she had on a cute leo….but her hair would have probably been fixed a **little** fancier if I knew.


Mornings just aren’t for everyone.


Somebody nailed it on Western day for school.


Sweet sisters.


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