Ninja Time!

From March 13-14…..

I always knew Lilli’s gym hosted monthly Ninja Warrior clinics, but it wasn’t until one day she was there for Snow Camp that I noticed they also had a weekly class.  It was going on when I picked her up, and she was standing there mesmerized by Coach Travis.  Lilli’s favorite show is American Ninja Warrior, and she was so excited watching Travis compete last year.  After we got home that night I registered her for the Wait List for the class, and we finally got in a couple of weeks later.  When we told her she was going to get to train with THE Travis Rosen she was basically giddy.

The class age is for 6-13 year olds, so I was a little worried she’d be on the younger end of a pretty physical class.  But, I also knew how much she’d enjoy it and her gym is so great I knew they’d make it work.

The group did some trampoline warmups and general stretching before having a little devo and prayer for safety, another perk of a Christian gym.  From there they lined up from smallest to tallest and split into 3 groups based on size.  The youngest kiddos headed over to the Warped Wall, which has quickly become Lilli’s favorite.  The girl is FAST.  What she lacks in size and brawn she makes up for in speed and agility.  She’s nowhere near hitting the top and ringing the bell (which they make a huge deal of the first time a kid accomplishes it), but she’s doing great for her size and isn’t a bit scared of sliding back down it.


They did some work on running vaults and grabbing finger holds.


And the final station of the evening was with Coach Travis working on more finger hold maneuvers and climbing poles.


On one of the final moves of the evening they had to swing from one ring to another and she managed to pull it off with one arm at a time and Coach Travis told her she had strong muscles.  It was a pretty amazing trick and she was giddy over his comment.

When she came out of class she was so pumped about her experience and told me she wanted to go to Ninja EVERY day! We don’t go every day, but she looks forward to spending every Friday night in the gym and I don’t blame her.  It looks like a total blast.  There’s 3 other girls in the class, two smaller girls in her group and one girl in the largest group who is AMAZING.  The older kids do some competitions locally, so if Lilli sticks with it it will definitely be fun to watch her compete one day.


The following day Brent’s parents came up to help install a new hot water heater.  We had been having trouble with our old one for a few weeks and decided to upgrade to a tankless water heater.


While the boys worked out in the chilly garage all day Lilli got Granny to play some Mario during Abbi’s rest time.


That’s a look of relief for finally getting it finished!


How nice is this little guy? We’re all for space savings in the garage for all the girls’ 800 riding toys and bikes.  And we were all excited to have consistent hot water after some cool baths and showers for two weeks leading up to this!


All smiles for a WARM tubby!! We’ve loved the new water heater so far, plenty of warm water for everyone and it’s no issue to fill up the giant garden tub in our bathroom.


Such a big girl!!


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