Fun in the Sun(shine)

March 15-16…..

Partners coming out of church on Sunday morning.  Around this time Abbi got to move up to the “Angels” class.  We laugh at that class name because a bunch of two year olds does not sounds like angels, our at least our very temperamental one is very far from angelic these days!


Real life.  It includes leprechaun hats, rain boots and the hose just about every single day.  Thank goodness for lots of stain stick.


Hanging with her buddy while waiting on lunch to be grilled.


It really was a gorgeous, warm and sunny day for what felt like the first time in ages.  Olli has barely been able to spend any time outside since he was born so we’ve had to teach him how to be a dog and hang out on the deck and run free in the yard!


Lilli wanted to lay out and soak up as much Vitamin D as she could, and besides – this was Spring Break week!


While Abbi napped and Brent did yard work she and I enjoyed the deck.  Lilli played some of her games and I got caught up on some work. And Olli enjoyed a little outdoor relaxation.


Bikes out for spring! She’s grown enough that her new, larger bike is easier for her to ride now but I think it still makes her nervous.


We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant where they have a magician entertaining the kids with tricks, animals and balloons.  It’s definitely nice to have something for your kids to do where you can enjoy your food a little more!


On the first day of Spring Break Lilli tried out Day Camp at the Y with a friend from gymnastics class.  They had a BLAST! They got to swim and do a ton of fun things like arts/crafts, playground, scavenger hunts and all kinds of fun things in the Youth Center.  Swimming and playing Wii were her favorite.  We wanted to try it out and see if she enjoyed it before I signed her up for a few weeks there this summer.  She’s going to do a Swim Camp, Cooking Camp and Science Camp there this summer.

We grilled out that night because the weather was perfect!


It’s been great to play outside until well after dark and get out all the bikes, trikes and riding toys.


My little giftie for Abbi’s classmates for St Pats – Lucky Charms in little leprechaun pots (that I found at Party City) tied with ribbon from Michaels.  It turned out so cute and I was pretty proud of my 100% original idea.


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