St Patrick’s Day

From March 17-18……

Last year was our first time making a leprechaun trap at home, and this year Lilli’s class also made leprechaun traps a few days early (since they were on Spring Break for St Pat’s day).  We made another one this year, and the next morning she had a note from our leprechaun and a few treats.


We didn’t make a big deal out of St Pat’s, but we had green eggs, steak and some shamrock sherbet shakes.


I don’t even remember what happened to Abbi, but somehow we had to ice her head.


She loves riding around with the window down.


While Lilli and I were at gymnastics Abbi got some alone time at Home Depot with Brent.  I think she had a great time!


On Tuesday and Wednesday Lilli went to day camp at her school.  On Tuesday they did fun St Pats’s activities and on Wednesday they went on a field trip to Pump it Up, a jumpy place.

Little sis always does her best to keep up with big sis, and do everything she does.


Never fear, Snuggly is alive and well and still gets a decent amount of attention.  Lilli loves her little guinea pig.


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