Spring Break, Day 1: Huntsville Space Center

From March 19th….

It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve taken any kind of trip and we wanted to take a little trip on Lilli’s Spring Break.  Spring Breaks are just too early for nice weather at the beach and Abbi is still just not a lot of fun in a car.

Exhibit A:


We gave Lilli a few places to choose from at Fall Break and she picked Chattanooga, so this time we picked Huntsville, Alabama.  It was another short drive and a city we really haven’t spent any time in.  Every time we head to the beach she always loves the big Rocket at the Alabama rest stop and we’d heard good things about some of their kid friendly attractions.  So we took Thursday and Friday off and headed down for a long weekend.

We got a slower start than we wanted – our cleaning people showed up right as we were leaving and we had to drop Olli off at the vet.  He was one last set of shots short from being able to stay at any of our usual pet boarding places, but luckily his vet would take him.


Our first stop was the Space Center.  When we pulled in and Lilli realized we had arrived her first comment was that she thought we were just going to the rest center with the big rocket. HA!


Abbi was MUCH happier to be out of her carseat and free to roam around the space center.


We brought a stroller with us, but never used it.  She usually does pretty good holding hands (once she throws a fit).  I definitely wished I had brought my kid leash a few times on this trip, but overall she did pretty good.


We had lunch in their cafe.  Their food was DELICIOUS.  It was actually a good menu and real food.  It was pretty much the best part of the space center!

IMG_3585We walked around all the rockets on display outside in the “gardens”.


Little girl, big rockets.


It took a lot of convincing to get Lilli to ride this little ride, but once she did she absolutely loved it and rode it a few times.


Lilli’s favorite part was going inside this huge plane.


Overall we found the Space Center a little boring.  It was full of memorabilia and historical artifacts, but we thought there would be more Space learning.  They did have a large indoor kids play area that the girls loved.


Practicing her astronaut skills.


Playing in the kid area…..


We spent a little time in the gift area before heading to our hotel.

IMG_3661We stayed at a 2 room suite in the middle of town.  We had tons of things around us, but it was a pretty busy suburb with a ton of traffic and we just wanted something simple and quick.  We ended up having dinner at a Fazolis type place where Lilli enjoyed her food AND mine.  There are always a few too many forks in my plate.


We brought the Pack n Play with us but Abbi is really just getting a little big for it.  The extra bed seemed a little too high off the ground, so we asked Lilli if she would try sleeping with Abbi on the sofa bed.  We didn’t think Abbi would stay in there by herself, but she’ll usually do anything Lilli is doing.  Abbi has never slept outside a crib before, so we weren’t sure what would happen but on Night 1 they were both worn out and we never heard a peep out of them!

And the bonus was how cute they looked curled up in bed together!


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