Spring Break, Day 2: SciQuest Children’s Museum

From March 20…..

The girls slept great and after we had some breakfast at the hotel we headed to a Kids museum just a mile or two from our hotel.


Since we’re members of Adventure Science Center here locally we were able to get in for free with the reciprocal member benefits.  We got there pretty soon after it opened and were happy to only see a couple of cars.  And then the school buses started arriving with all the kids on field trips…..


It was a pretty small museum but covered most of the basics of various science and hands on stuff.  We covered the whole thing in about 30 minutes so we were glad admission was free for us.  I don’t think this is a place we’d have a membership to if we lived in the area just because it didn’t seem to have nearly the variety that ASC has as far as play areas.


Overall the field trip kids were pretty good and they were cycling in for lunch and classroom activities.


The news/weather broadcasting area was a big hit.


Learning all about the green screen…..


I don’t think Lilli was the only one who had fun filming.


The three kids having fun.


They did have a nice, enclosed preschool area that all the field trippers weren’t allowed in since it was for 6 and under.  We went in there and the girls played for a long time and we enjoyed some down time.


We headed out of there and had lunch at an Asian restaurant.  We thought the food was great but it was a bit lost on the girls.


From there we headed to a Safari Animal Park on the south side of town, but not after looking for a Starbucks which turned into an epic journey that took us to a Target – which is apparently the only place you can find Starbucks in Huntsville.  Abbi took a good nap in the car on the drive down and we were headed to the highlight of our trip!


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