Spring Break, Day 3: Early Works Children’s Museum

From March 21st…..

The girls slept great (once Abbi went to sleep and quit roaming….) and I actually woke up before them and was able to snap this cute picture so they can remember their first sleepovers together.


We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed downtown to the Early Works Children’s Museum.  It was our only excursion downtown the entire trip, and their downtown was totally dead on Saturday morning.  The only reciprocal museum admission for this one was the Discovery Center we have in Murfreesboro, which is probably the only thing in town we don’t have a membership to since it’s definitely not convenient.


It wasn’t at all crowded which was definitely a big perk.  Much of the museum was set up as old time things like general stores, early toys and dress up clothes and just “settler” type experiences for the kids.


There were lots of old cotton gin type things and steam boats, log cabins, blocks for you to build in Victorian style homes, etc.  It was a small museum/activity center, but everything was well done.

IMG_5417The biggest hit for both girls was the more preschool oriented play area with grocery store, farm set up and garden/fishing areas.  They could have played there all day, and Brent and I did find a comfy chair area to hang out while they just entertained themselves.


Settler Lilli.



The main open space area with an Alabama map and other Alabama historical information.  Overall it was a nice museum and the girls really enjoyed it but the price was just a little steep for how small it was.  I can see it being a place we’d hang out if we lived there and had a membership though.


We stayed there until we all started getting hungry for lunch and by this point poor Abbi was so off her routine she was just a mess of tiredness and temper tantrums.  She didn’t want to go but she was throwing a fit about everything.  There was really nowhere to eat downtown, so we asked Suri about nearby restaurants on our way to the Botanical Gardens and she took us to this Southern Cafe.  The food was REALLY good and we all enjoyed it a lot!

Up next – our last stop of the trip – the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.


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