From March 22-26……

As much fun as our little trip was, it was nice to be home and back in our own beds.  It’s also nice to have a sister big enough she can push you in the swing.



Back to our fave –  Noodles & Company.


Waiting on the bus one morning – Abbi just loves to be like her sister.


One of the best things about spring is all the extra daylight in the evenings.  It’s so great to be able to go to the playground or just play outside after dinner.  On this evening we went to a nearby, fairly new, park that has lots of great hiking trails.  We let Lilli pick which trail we should do and of course she picked the “strenuous” one.  Brent had a blast pushing Abbi up some pretty steep hills.


These two didn’t mind all the hills.


The view at the top right at sunset was definitely worth the hike!


After a long, cold winter it’s been so nice spending every night just playing outside.  We’re either kicking around balls, riding bikes and trikes up and down the driveway or splashing around in the water table every night.  Olli just runs and runs and Lilli cartwheels from one end of the yard to the other.


Little stinker.


Lilli had another great report card.


One evening it was raining and they wanted to play out in it – so we gave them raincoats and umbrellas and sent them out to have fun.


Boy bonding.


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