Ninja Arts

From March 27-28…..

Oliver loves the days when I work from home.  Sometimes he actually can behave, but only if no one else is around to see it.


Little stinker.  She loves letting herself in and out of the back door.


Lilli has such a blast at her weekly Ninja training class.  Until two weeks ago she was the smallest one in her class but she’s definitely not the weakest! She’s fearless and has a blast.  On the obstacle below she had to run and spring off the mini-tramp, grab the ring and then swing over to grab the rope.


Below they just had to jump off the mini-tramp and grab the ring.  She loves Coach Travis so much and thinks it’s so awesome to be coached by a real ninja from American Ninja Warrior.  She’s also counting down the days until the new season when her coaches will be on TV again! (I think it’s only two weeks away!)


Climbing on the rock/pipe wall and working on upper body strength.


Afterwards we went to Sam’s.


I wish every store had giant buggies they could sit in together! Abbi only wants to be in if she has a buddy, so it makes it SO much easier if she’s contained.


I took a pic of my St Patty decor before I took it down.  Lilli had drawn some adorable leprechaun pics for me.


During Abbi’s nap I took Lilli to the Frist Art Center to explore.  I signed us up for a family membership because she’s going to spend a week there this summer doing Art Camp.  We had so much fun and it’s definitely going to be on our rotation.

We walked through several of the exhibits and then went to the Kids Area.  They had so many fun things for her.  There were lots of stations for drawing and painting, but then also some very different things like making a stop action film and all kinds of mixed media.  They had an area with a dry erase glass wall where she wrote messages back and forth to another girl on the other side.  They had such a good time asking each other questions and reading the answers.


She got to make an awesome print.


We didn’t even get to explore everything so we’ll definitely have to go back soon with Abbi and Brent.  Even though it ages a bit older, I think even Abbi would have fun with some of the painting and drawing stations.


That evening we went to the mall so I could get the girls some Easter dresses.  Obviously Abbi was thrilled.


She even managed to make a new friend.  That girl!!


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