Big Girls

From March 29…..

Brent spent most of the weekend in the attic removing the old raccoon ruined insulation and getting ready for new insulation to be installed later that week.  Such a pain.  But he did occasionally have some pretty festive visitors.


We got some Wendy’s Kids Meals that came with microphones (from the new Annie).  It provided much sister entertainment.


I’m glad American Idol is going off the air because otherwise I think one day we might have to have a hard conversation with Lilli.  I’m not totally sure Abbi is laughing with her here.


I was getting ready for one last consignment sale drop off for the summer season that afternoon.  We got rid of several more of our “baby” items like this smaller stroller.  And in the background you can see everything from the attic heading downstairs for the insulation project.  It was not a good time around here…..


All the insulation out of the attic and in our front yard.


Taking a break with his little buddy.


The whole fam went with me to the drop off because we were also selling the Pack n Play and I didn’t have a clue how to assemble it.  Brent got kind of sad saying good-bye to some of these staples we’ve had for years so I told him I’d take one last picture of him after having had to fully assemble the thing.


I didn’t feel a bit sad and instead we all went out to celebrate at Dunkin Donuts! Donuts definitely made Brent feel better!


Real life – one kid singing made up Dr Seuss songs, one kid playing with her sister’s journal (until this was discovered) and one kid chewing by his big sis. Oliver absolutely always has to be touching someone at all times! Just a day in the life.


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