Easter 2015

From April 5th……

Lilli woke up bright and early for Easter morning as Brent and I were still getting dressed, and thankfully she was able to watch cartoons until we were ready to get Abbi up and head downstairs.  As we would have predicted, Abbi headed straight for the candy – dug right into a Cadbury Egg, grabbed her lamb and didn’t much care about anything else.  She’s never met a piece of candy she doesn’t like!

IMG_6066After church we really wanted a few nice pictures of them, which of course means Abbi was in no mood to be photographed.  And no, Abbi didn’t wear the red Crocs to church, thank goodness.


Lilli is at least a usually pretty willing subject.


For some reason, family Easter pictures are just impossible for us.  Abbi wasn’t having any of the annual bunny ear picture.


It was just a bad scene all around.


At least we have Lilli! She’s been asking for that Nemo toy for about a year and she was so excited the Easter Bunny found it.


She also told us a boy in Sunday School that morning told the kids that the Easter Bunny is really just the parents – and she said that’s not true because there’s no way her mom has time to go to the store and buy all that stuff.  HA! Well, most of it DOES come from Amazon, the working mom’s best friend!


The SpongeBob bubble whistle was a huge hit.


Bubbles in general were a huge hit for both girls this year!


While Abbi napped Lilli and I boiled and dyed eggs.  I do enjoy crafting and doing things with the girls, but dying eggs is literally one of my least favorite things to do.  It’s so messy and I’m not sure what to do with them once we’ve made them! And it always is such a shame to toss the eggs later.


Sometimes you wake up from your nap and just need to take your pants and diaper off.


And sometimes you just really need to dress like your best bud.


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