Bears and Blooms

From April 11th….

I finally sat down and did our taxes with 4 days to spare.  I’d say I did a pretty good job not giving the government a loan last year!


It was a pretty spring day and earlier in the week Cheekwood had announced their tulips were at peak bloom.  We hadn’t been before during the big spring bloom when they have 100K tulips blooming so we were dying to see them.  Lilli was so excited to be heading back to Cheekwood since we hadn’t been there to play all winter!


The first thing they had to do was run around the stick hut (which I believe is moving on to another botanical garden this summer!)


The tulips were beautiful but getting these two girls to pose together was not going to happen.  Lilli got tons of comments on her pretty dress (she had wanted to wear her fanciest dress…) and Abbi got tons of comments on her non-stop tantrums about not wanting to wear shoes or go the direction the rest of us wanted to go.  She was a LOT stubborn that day.


The tulips were definitely beautiful and worth all the traffic to get in that day.


Our favorite spot was the experimental garden where they were trying a lot of new varieties.  They were all so unique and different from the types of tulips you normally see.


In the Kids area they had a fun bird craft that day out of Model Magic.  Brent made one for Abbi, while Lilli did her own.


It didn’t take Abbi long to rip the head off her bird.  It was just that kind of morning.


The trains are always a favorite.


Later that afternoon we went up to Lilli’s school for her first ever Bear Bolt.  It’s a one mile or 5K color run race fundraiser for the school.  While we waited for it to start she had to show off for us on the spider.


The day before she had asked me if we HAD to run together.  (Brent and Abbi just watched.) I told her we didn’t have to but it would be more fun, and she told me she wanted to win and she wasn’t sure I could keep up with her.


I assured her I still do a fair bit of running after she’s asleep and I felt like I’d keep up just fine.

We just did the one mile race that started behind her school and ran through part of the park next to the library.  Every so often there were color stations where teachers tossed the color powder on the runners.


It’s really not much of a “race” with so many kids and parents, but Lilli and I did a great job trucking along.  (Her teacher is in the blue shirt below on the right side)  We were probably about 3/4 of a mile in before she wanted to walk and I thought about telling her she was slowing ME down but decided not to.  We did a couple of walk breaks towards the end before I made her sprint the rest of the way in and we crossed the line together.


Even though it was just a mile Brent had ventured back on the course and didn’t see us go by, so we don’t have a finish line picture.  They had snowcones and a DJ afterwards and then awards for kids in the running club for their separate race.  She said she wants to do running club instead of tennis next year so she can be the fastest girl and win a trophy, so we’ll see! We had a great first Bear Bolt and look forward to doing it next year, even faster!


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