Leaping Lizards…..

From April 12-14.

Looking cute before church.   I love a little blue jean dress!


Best buds.


That afternoon Brent helped Lilli catch this lizard that hangs out around the side of our house.  Ugh.  Obviously she was pretty happy we finally trapped him.


She wanted to keep him but after he bit her a few little times she wasn’t so sad about letting him go.  There’s no way we’re adding a lizard to this house!


And she had a blast chasing me around with it before she let it go.  I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong with this girl and her love for bugs and creepy crawlies! She’s going to love her upcoming time at Bug Camp at Adventure Science!


I took the girls grocery shopping with me so Brent could work in the attic.  That’s always an adventure!


Our first fire in the fire pit this spring.  Smores for all!


On Monday I was signed up to read to Lilli’s class after lunch.  I was running just a minute late and saw her teacher in the hall as I was running in – she said Lilli was feeling pretty bad and when I got to her in the lunch line she was just crying.  She said her stomach hurt but she still wanted to stay and have me read and then go home.  She didn’t even want to eat her food, hadn’t eaten her snack that morning and barely touched any breakfast.  I finally talked her into just leaving and all after she kept gagging and then eventually started getting sick around dinner time with a stomach bug before falling asleep on the couch right after dinner.


Brent stayed home with her the next day and she was feeling a lot better and not getting sick anymore so she talked him into going to the Adventure Science Center to play.


Of course they had to get a pic with Mr Bones.  She has grown so much since her first pic with him in November 2012!


I think she had a lot of fun, but was definitely still not herself since she fell asleep on the short drive back home – something that NEVER happens!!


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