Through the Roof

From April 15-18…..

Some nights you’re two years old and you just have all the tantrums to throw.


And your tantrums just don’t end and you really don’t want to take a tubby and the screaming is just so loud and distracting that it throws your dad off when he’s flooring the attic and he falls through the ceiling in the attic.  Yup, that happened.


Luckily Brent didn’t fall ALL the way through, although I wish I’d seen his legs dangling (I was with the bathtub drama and we didn’t hear this happen at all!)


It’s no surprise with all the fits and chaos she ended up going to bed that night with one shoe on and we didn’t even notice.


Ninja class! Working her way up that warped wall.


And working with Coach Bobby on crossing the little hand-held balls.  Lots of good upper body strength building.


The nice warm spring day was perfect for swim suits and their spray bottles.


We got the jumpy house out and the girls had a blast.  Abbi loves to hop and jump around.


It gets so hot in the sun the girls had to wear socks to keep their feet from getting too hot while they played.


Poor Olli gets the brunt of the water bottles this summer.


This dude is loving the spring weather and being outside and getting to be a dog!


Sometimes you just get a little worn out shopping and you need to take a rest.


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