Mostly Lilli

From April 19-24…..

Lilli’s school work just cracks me up – it’s such an insight into what she’s thinking. The “bite” picture is pretty clearly Olli biting her.  Hilarious.


Two sisters snuggling and watching cartoons.


I took Lilli to see Home.  It was really cute and we both loved the soundtracked and downloaded it right after.


We had storms overnight and for the first time in a long time Lilli ended up in our bed.  A good night’s sleep was had by  no one.


Spring evenings at the park.


Boots, Gymnastics Leo and an umbrella.  Fashion icon.


Pairs workout.


We supported the school library with their Spring book drive and Lilli picked a Mo Willems book to have her name plate in.


Oliver loved when I work from home.


Lilli loves her Ninja class on Friday nights, and who wouldn’t love getting to fly through the air like this?


Abbi came and watched that night, too and we all headed out for burritos afterwards.  Fun times!


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