A Day at the Zoo

From April 29 – May 2….

Lilli loved wearing her “Be Nice” shirt to school.  She’s never been much on T-shirts until this year and she loved wearing her class shirts and all the other school shirts she got during the year.


We ended up paying someone to fix the giant hole in the ceiling where Brent fell through.  The time it would take us and height just weren’t worth us fixing it.


Within one afternoon the repair guy had it completely fixed and you couldn’t even tell.  It would have taken us AGES to get it right.


Friday night Ninja class! Working on upper body strength between parallel bars.


At the end of class they posed with Coach Travis and made a video to wish Coach Bobby good luck on his audition.   I think her coaches may be on the show this upcoming week.


On Saturday we went to the zoo and were able to talk friends out of doing landscaping and joining us instead.  We just got a zoo membership since Lilli will be spending a week there this summer at zoo camp.


It was a pretty crowded day – it started out slightly cool but warmed up fast enough I bought some overpriced sunscreen in the gift shop.  Once the sun warmed everything up all of Nashville decided to spend the day at the zoo.


The play area was so crowded and it was nearly impossible to keep an eye on both girls going in different directions.  That playground has so many blind spots that I’m convinced it wasn’t designed by someone who has ever had an adventurous toddler.


Lilli and Serif.  She was so glad to see her dude.  Even though she wants “all the boys from kindergarten to be in her first grade class” she still says Serif is her boyfriend and they’re getting married.


The petting zoo. Animal selfies are always a favorite.


It really was pretty warm so the aquarium and air conditioning was a nice break.  Abbi was so funny – at every tank she’d climb right in-between Lilli and Serif.  She’s going to be pretty useful one day when Lilli really is dating and we need a spy.


Sweet buds.


And here comes little sis.  It won’t be too long before Serif’s little sis is right there in the middle along with Abbi.


One last pic with all four kids.  Serif and the ladies!


And Abbi was passed out before we were even back on the interstate.  It’s hard being the little sis!


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