Mother’s Day and Field Day

From May 10-11…..

I’m fairly certain I will never, ever catch up at this rate.  Oh well! Lilli loves looking back so it’s worth trying anyway.

Abbi was so rotten at church on Mother’s Day.  It’s like she knows when it’s a day she’s supposed to be really well behaved and extra sweet and just does the opposite.  So we went to brunch at The Egg and I, a place we’ve wanted to try but hadn’t yet.  The food was really good and our waitress made me a fun orange juice/peach/tea beverage since they didn’t have fruit tea that she called “The Rachel” (her name, and of course mine!)


While Abbi doesn’t appreciate Mother’s Day yet, Lilli is all in.  And she made me the most random card (actually she made about a dozen cards over the week leading up to Mother’s Day).  One day when Olli was still really little (probably back in February) I was coming down the stairs carrying him and looking back up at the girl and missed the last steps.  I bruised myself up but it wasn’t anything really terrible.  Apparently it made quite the impact on Lilli though!


I opened all the random things Lilli picked out for me at Target.  Key in on the random…. She bought me quite a few new workout clothes as well as some other clothing from Target.  She was pretty pleased with her purchases.


The main gift Abbi gave me was climbing out of her crib for the first time.  I was just about to sit down and relax for about twenty minutes while Brent and Lilli ran an errand and I had just gotten to the top of the stairs when her door creaked open ever so slightly.  I thought maybe it was just hadn’t been closed all the way earlier, and then all of a sudden her little face peaked out at me.  I think she and I were both pretty surprised! We have no clue how long she’d been roaming around.


We got the girls a little pool to splash around in at home and they love it.  They could stay and play in there together for hours.


It’s fun to really see them playing together so much this summer and finally having a playmate.


We had a steak picnic on the deck that evening.  Even though our deck needs re-doing so bad we try and enjoy it as often as we can!


Lilli had her first ever Field Day the following day.  She was really excited about it, even though neither one of us knew what to expect.


I worked from home that morning and went to watch for a little while.  It was a warm morning and I was glad kindergarten was part of the morning groups instead of later in the day.


Her class had divided up into a few teams and they just competed against each other at each station.  They really didn’t even know it was a competition so they all just had fun playing the different things.  She did great in the potato sack race.


She and her friend Penelope didn’t have any issues in the 3 legged race.  Some of her classmates were a disaster but the two of them took it slow and had no problems and never fell.


And she and Livy did great with some sort of weird inflatable dolphin obstacle course.

IMG_7495 1

It’s so cute watching Abbi do everything Lilli does – and Mickey Mouse-ercise is right up there with one of my favorite things to watch them do together.


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