Food vs Abbi

From May 12-15…

We had a great little crop of strawberries this year.  The girls had a lot of fun going out every night and picking some.  Not that many made it into the house for us all to enjoy.


The ones Lilli picked had much better odds for sharing with us.

IMG_7527 1

No food is safe is Abbi is around.  We made some sausage muffins one night for dinner and the sausage kept disappearing.


One night we needed to do some errands at Target so we had dinner out on the patio at Qdoba.  All Abbi needs is a giant bowl of black beans to be happy.


She can have it all and carry it with her!


A little hula-hooping on a Friday morning while we waited on the bus.  Since I’m nearly two months behind it seems like FOREVER since we used to wait on the bus each morning! It’s hard to believe she only has 3.5 weeks of summer left!


Working from home – and enjoying great spring temps by working on the deck! It’s so nice to have a strong wi-fi where I could work on the deck and enjoy pretty days.

IMG_7636 1

Friday night – Ninja class time.

IMG_7664 1

Working on her climbing skills with a little boost from Coach Travis.

IMG_7677 1

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