From May 16-18…..

All gymnastics, all the time.

IMG_7703 1

Watching a little Dog Whisperer with the dog.  Somehow it still didn’t rub off on him.


We’ve been talking for a while about getting the girls a trampoline and after doing some research the best price was at Academy.  They were so excited to finally have it that I think they wore Brent out while he assembled.


And exhibit 2:


And hanging off of it when it was nearly done (before the side nets.)


Of course it was lunch time when we finally got it assembled.  Lots of sad faces when they had to take a break and eat.  Lilli is just the sweetest big sis.


Lots of fun on the trampoline this summer.  They’ve both loved it and I’m sure it helps Lilli with her gymnastics and ninja training.  And Abbi gets out there and jumps and tumbles right along with her.  Abbi gets so excited to play on it and asks every afternoon to play on the “Po-Lean”.


Cake pop treats before bed for a successful Walmart trip.


Flips for Lilli.  She can flip, handsprings and do all kinds of fun routines.


And the night before Brent’s birthday I took the girls out for some shopping.  They picked up quite the goodies for their Daddy…..


If only this mower did something more useful than blow bubbles.


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