Brent’s Birthday

From May 19-20th…

Flying through the air at gymnastics into the foam pit (she’s in the black leo).


For breakfast on Brent’s birthday the girls and I had run out and bought some donuts when we picked up his cake.  I stacked them up for a fun little birthday breakfast.  The three of them love these junky grocery store donuts so they loved it and  I stuck with my oatmeal!  I’m just impressed I remembered to get out my birthday plate – that only happens for about 1 birthday a year.


That day was the end of year kindergarten picnic.  Since it was Brent’s birthday she wanted him to go so all her friends could tell him Happy Birthday.  They had a great time and what guy doesn’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of ladies on his birthday?


Naturally when they were done eating there was a healthy dose of cartwheeling and hand-standing.


That afternoon one of Lilli’s best buddies (Reese) had a birthday party at her house.  It was just a casual backyard party with sprinklers, trampolines and a ton more cartwheels across the yard,


Reese is a big ice cream fan so instead of cupcakes they had ice cream and Reese’s mom had sorbet for Lilli.  (Reese is two kiddos to the right of Lilli enjoying some Ben and Jerry’s!)


And we had to celebrate Brent that evening, too! The girls couldn’t wait for him to open his “big” present.


They were so proud of their pick for him.  And thankfully the “new” wore off pretty fast.  We also got him some much less exciting things like some new clothes from Nordstroms.  It is pretty hard to top the Fish, though.


And he picked Local Taco for dinner.  So we ordered Abbi black beans and that’s pretty much all she needed.  We were so full we barely ate any cake and didn’t even take a picture of it! It really was for the best since we all needed to be swimsuit ready for our surprise (to Lilli) trip to the beach!


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