Last Day of Kindergarten

From May 21st….

Kindergarten came and went so fast this year! The last few days they did all kinds of really cute keepsakes remembering and journaling about their year.  On what she remembers about her class “that they were so LICE” just cracked us up.  Kindergarten “typos” are the best.


Current career goal: Dancer.  No clue why since she hated ballet and she really doesn’t ever dance around the house.  But according to her, she’s “great” at dance!


On the last morning of school we had her make Miss Minton a card.  She drew her table (Table 3) and her classmates.


So cute.


She really liked Miss Minton a lot, she learned so much in kindergarten and had a great year.


She grew SO much in kindergarten! We had her wear the same outfit on the last day as she did on the first.


What Lilli didn’t know is that we were going to pick her up and head to the beach.  The night before I had grabbed clothes out of their rooms while Brent had them in the tub and we packed everything after they went to bed.  It was also really chilly that last day of school!


Last bus ride of the school year.  She has loved riding the bus all year and it’s so nice just walking to the end of the driveway.  And our driver was the best – the only time our bus was late were the days he was on vacation!


They only went for a half day, and a few minutes before school let out for the summer they had a little party for the summer birthdays.  We went so it would be easier to pick up Lilli and head out.  We grabbed Abbi on the way and she never even questioned why all 3 of us came to pick her up.

Lilli and her friend Livy.


Lilli, Zoe, and Penelope


All the girls – they were so sweet and a tight little group.  In the back – Lila, Livy, Penelope, then in the front Zoe, Lilli, Emerson and Reese.  7 girls, 10 boys.  When I asked Lilli who she most wanted to me in class with again next year she says “All the boys because they’re so cute.”  Well then.


Lilli and Miss Minton.


On the way out of school she saw her bus driver and had to run up and give him a hug.


Lilli and Mr Snow.  She had him sign her yearbook and everything.  So sweet.  I think the “I love you” card she made him for Valentines might have made her his favorite for this past year!

And with that, kindergarten was in the books and we were about to give Lilli a huge surprise to kick off summer!


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