Beach Trip 2015, Part 1

From May 21….

So when we got to the car we had a little gift bag for Lilli and a note that explained we were surprising her with a beach trip.  She was SO surprised and excited that we were leaving right then – and somehow really hadn’t noticed ALL the stuff in the car when she first got in.  I feel like we packed everything we owned, and we really couldn’t have fit anything else in our car.  It was INSANE!!


Part of Lilli’s surprise gift bag had several books about summer, summer trips, and first grade.  She loved them and did so great reading most of them without any help.


It worked out well for Abbi – she had already had lunch and was ready for a nap.  The rest of us went through a drive through and had lunch on the way.


Vacation mode – coffee + my magazine.


We ran through another drive through for dinner and only stopped for a couple of really short bathroom breaks.  So we made great time heading down and Abbi did pretty good about not being fussy in the car.  It was one of her best car rides – which says a LOT!

We got there right after sunset and the girls wasted no time checking out our house.   We stayed in the Seacrest area of Florida this time.

Running in and seeing the place is always our favorite part of renting houses instead of staying in hotels or condos.


Since we were down there for Memorial Day we knew a ton of people who would be there some or part of the time.  We let the Godbys know when we got there and they came over with pizza.  I think Abbi was a bit jealous of Pepper hanging out in my lap.


Room for 2.  Kind of.


One of the main reasons we rent a house is so we can have a private pool all to ourselves.  The kids had a blast jumping in and playing and Lilli had a lot of energy to burn off after sitting in the car all day.


Lilli and her main squeeze.


Bed buddies. I think Abbi loved having a sleepover with her big sister.  Lilli says her sister bothers her all night and won’t let her sleep – we call that payback!


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