Beach Trip 2015, Part 2

From May 22….

The girls were up bright and early and couldn’t wait to get down to the beach.  So well before 9 am we were loading our stuff up in our beach cart and walking down to the beach.  Our little house for the weekend….


We were just a couple of blocks from the beach, it was about as border line a walk as I’m ok with.  I really prefer a house with an ocean view of some sort, but since it was Memorial Day weekend and we booked it less than 2 weeks before our trip I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


The water was perfect!! Friday was our best beach day of the weekend – the water was like glass, it wasn’t too windy and the beach wasn’t very crowded.  The girls had lots of shoveling to do.


Abbi absolutely loved the beach and the sand and everything about it.


Abbi absolutely loves sunglasses.  She’s only broken a few pairs this summer.


Brent even found a hermit crab out in the water.


We even ran into a friend from Memphis (who now lives in Nashville) with her new baby.


The water was really SO calm! Lilli has never been fond of the waves but with the ocean this still she really got into boogie boarding and going deeper into the water.


We tried and tried to catch some fish with our nets but never could.  Some older kids on the beach had a bunch in their buckets and Abbi made herself right at home with them.  They were a really nice family from Alabama and ended up catching a bunch for the girls and letting them have them.  Abbi loved the fish a lot – in a very personal and hands on way.  It probably goes without saying but they didn’t all make it back into the ocean.


Buried alive.


We had a picnic lunch at the beach and then went back for Abbi to nap.  Lilli fell asleep.  Brent fell asleep.


And Momma enjoyed some quiet time at our private pool with my magazine and some tunes.  When the rest of the house sleeps – I relax.


When the girls woke up we all splashed in the pool while Brent made us some dinner.  Miss Abigail is fearless of the pool.


Family splash time! We really need a pool.


And if you’ve ever traveled with Brent to the beach then you know you’re not going to miss the sunset.  After dinner and splashing in the pool we headed back down to enjoy the last few minutes of sunshine.


Our little Baywatch babe.  She wore 4 swimsuits that day.  Literally.


It was a gorgeous day with absolutely perfect weather, a nice change from how our beach trip ended last year with the floods and 4 solid days of rain.


And no better way to end the day than with a night swim.


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