Beach Trip 2015, Part 4

From May 24….

We saw a ton of lizards around our pool and Lilli spent a lot of time trying to catch one.  She didn’t have any luck this time but had a lot of fun trying.


For our last beach day we wanted to do something a little different so we headed to a nearby State Park we’d seen the night before.  Their website made it sound like a nice calm lake with beach access.  Our first stop was the Visitor Center where the Ranger told Brent he didn’t like the outdoors much, to stay away from the area near the road because of all the snakes, and that we should head down the stairs to the lake access right behind the center because it would be good for kids.

Uh, it was a pretty nasty lake where you couldn’t see the bottom and was full of trash. Not the best advice.


So we decided to head out on the trail and check out the beach access.  And we walked and walked and walked.  And since we had originally thought we’d be pretty close to the car we didn’t break any beach stuff with us – or snacks and water.  Total parenting fail.  And it was a long, hot, shadeless walk.


The kids were whiny, miserable, hot and in case I didn’t already mention it – whiny.  Finally we got to the beach, after about a mile walk.


Abbi was pretty impressed.


Just beyond the beach was the end of the lake – and that was definitely the best part of the park.  It was shallow and totally clear with a ton of little fish swimming all around that really made it fun for the girls.  Of course our nets were a mile back at the car.


Walking around the shallow lake with no clouds in the sky.  We had the best beach weather this year!


Little freckle face trying to catch some fish with her bare hands.  If she had caught something she probably would have become my top choice as a teammate for survivor style reality shows.


After playing in the lake for a little while the girls played in the sand by the ocean.  The flags were red that day and the waves were very high and strong so we wouldn’t let them get more than ankle deep.


Every day is a good day for gymnastics.


Luckily it was just as long, hot and whiny on the walk back.  It did make our picnic back at the car a little more exciting though.


Afternoon swims while Abbi took a nap.


And one last sunset on the beach.  The waves were still huge and the flags were still red, but we still had a great time playing in the sand one last time.


And back at the house it was time to pack.  We had a HUGE stack of dirty swimsuits that really cracked me up.  We only got “dressed” once – the night we went out to eat Chinese and grab more sunscreen at the grocery store.  Otherwise we brought all our groceries with us, cooked all our meals at the house and didn’t do any other shopping or outings.  We don’t mind it a bit since it saves time and money and we’d rather put that money in a nicer rental house than overpriced restaurants that the girls don’t appreciate.


Lilli was so tired from being in the sun all day at the beach and pool and she ended up falling asleep on the couch.  Abbi wasn’t tired (since she still naps) so she completely took advantage of her sister and grabbed some wipes and started “cleaning” her up.


After she got tired of that she grabbed her prized blanket (that she can not and will not sleep without!) and covered her up, then decided to climb up there with her big sis.  So cute. (when they aren’t fighting, taunting or tattling.)

And with that, our beach trip was winding down.


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