Beach Trip 2015, Part 5

From May 25….

We ended up having to wake the girls up on the morning we had to leave – by the end of the trip they’d started sleeping in until 9 am, woo hoo!

We really enjoyed our little house but probably wouldn’t stay there again.  The owner wasn’t very nice, the neighbors weren’t friendly and it was a tad far from the beach.  It was pretty comfortable and covered all the essentials, and the pool was great though.


Our little house for the weekend.


Since we never really went shopping or out anywhere we weren’t affected by the heavy Memorial Day crowds until we were leaving and the bridge out was so slow.


Right as we were eating our lunch the rain finally caught us.  And it POURED the rest of the way back.  The rain was just nonstop and it was nearly impossible to see.


Lilli never noticed.


And Abbi was really good on the road back, as well.

Thankfully even though the rain and slower traffic as a result added a LOT of time to the ride home we made it home safe and sound.  And Abbi was even so “good” on the trip we decided to start talking about driving all the way to North Dakota for our summer vacation!


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