American Girls

From May 29-31….

Oliver really needs to learn how to relax.


The much anticipated American Girl store was having its Grand Opening that weekend – they’d been open for a soft opening for a few days and we were hoping to sneak in before the Grand Opening weekend and all its craziness.  But unfortunately it was closed for a private event.  Lilli was pretty excited to stare in the windows.


All kinds of doll goodness!


We were able to shop in the brand new H&M.  While Brent looked around I kept Abbi entertained in the kids area.


I really should have bought one (or two) of these adorable hats.


Abbi is really into hats and sunglasses and all the accessories right now.  She had a blast playing around while we shopped.


The next morning Abbi went back to feeling under the weather again.  She just really couldn’t knock that stomach bug.  She was incredibly cuddly though.


You know she feels bad because this NEVER happens!


Our first batch of lightning bugs of summer! Sleeping with them for the night as a nightlight and then letting them go the next morning is one of her favorite things.


Feeling a little bit better on Sunday, but still with a messed up stomach.


I’d been watching the American Girl Facebook site all weekend and on Saturday people were lining up at 4 am to get in and the wait was several hours just to get in the store.  By Sunday it was dying down and on Sunday afternoon there was no longer a wait to get in the store so I asked Lilli if she wanted to check it out.


They had some special things just for Grand Opening and I bought her her very first American Girl Doll.  She has never been into dolls much (she prefers Barbies and Disney princess, and and she plays with them all the time) but she had promised me if she had an American Girl she’d play with it all the time.


Lilli and her new doll “Kate” from the collection of dolls with various hair, etc where you can pick the doll that looks the most like you.


Afterwards we made a stop in Bath and Body works and Lilli asked for our mall treat – pretzels – before we left.  All in all a wonderful day at the Mall and not our last time at American Girl since they’ve opened!


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