What’s Cooking

From June 1 – June 6

The Y where Lilli has gone to a few camps set up a private Facebook site where they have shared pictures with the parents this summer.  I love seeing some of the things they’ve done, and we keep encouraging her to get in front of the camera more!

During her Splash camp they played a ton of different water games outside – I thought this one of Lilli laughing at the counselor was really cute.


Her second week of summer (the first full week of summer) she went to a Cooking Camp at the same Y.  Several of her kindergarten friends also went to it, so she was excited to see them.  They did all kinds of arts and crafts and made several things that week.  They made some various fruit kebobs, smoothies, pretzels and butter, cookies and more things that I’ve forgotten since then! They made several arts and crafts like the hats below, aprons out of dress shirts, a little cookbook and an irrigation planter where they planted basil seeds.  And they got to swim, go on the playground and other normal things around the Y.


Finally a good one of her and her friend “Metoo” – I don’t have a clue if that’s how you spell it but that’s how she says it! They also went on a field trip to CiCi’s pizza and got to help make pizza in the kitchen.  She absolutely loved cooking camp!


One of our summer fun activities this year has been (near) weekly meet-ups with the Kans, friends we made in gymnastics.  This summer the girls aren’t in class on the same night, so we wanted to make sure they got some fun playtime together.  And some social time for us…Since their oldest takes Tennis at the Y our original plan for summer was to meet after Tennis/Camps and have some swimming time, but the early summer was still pretty chilly so we had a picnic at the park instead.


Abbi had fun on the slides.


The big girls and Abbi hanging out on the dinosaurs.


Afterwards we swung by the brand new Dunkin Donuts in our neighborhood and grabbed some food for a work party the following morning.  It’s so dangerous having a Dunkin just a couple of miles from our house now.


Lee Greenwood had a signing at Brent’s office.


Little Ninja and Coach Travis.


Abbi and Olli – such a strange pair.  He is so patient with her, most of the time.


Sunglasses, flashlight, and her dog.  What else do you need?


Poor, poor Olli.


The next week was “Granny Camp” for the girls.  We met Brent’s family in Spring Hill and ate dinner celebrating Granny’s birthday and handed them off for the week.  It was sure hard to pack them up and know we’d have a quiet house with no one getting up at night, throwing temper tantrums, asking for things non stop or just being high maintenance.


Their first stop was the grocery store for all kinds of goodies for the week, while Brent and I enjoyed some quiet time in a bookstore – just like the old days!


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