Adventures in Science and Smoothies

From June 14-18…..

Hanging out in the shade under the trampoline while the girls splashed around in our little blow up pool.   We haven’t used it a ton this summer but they have enjoyed it.


Freezie pops in the driveway.  These girls have gone through a lot of freezie pops this summer!


They love their trampoline and tumble out there most every night before or after dinner.  Lilli does a great job with handsprings and loves to flip.  Abbi is fearless and tumbles right beside her.  I have a feeling she’ll love gymnastics when she’s old enough to go in January!


He can nap in the strangest positions!


Lilli learned how to make smoothies in the Cooking Camp she went to at the Y in early June and she’d been asking us to buy the ingredients to make some at home.  She was very insistent on everything she wanted in there and how to make it.


On the other hand Abbi shoveled in strawberries as fast as she could slightly cut them.


Excited about smoothies – and laughing hysterically at her sister screaming her head off because she was scared of the blender.


Smoothie success! They really were delicious and Lilli was very proud of her concoction.   She’s always really enjoyed cooking and making things in the kitchen.


That week Lilli was enjoying an Animal Kingdom camp at Adventure Science Center.  The description of the camp was : “Discover unique animal habitats while getting hands-on with dissections, bug collecting, and creating animal fossils. Study the food chain as well as what it means to leave a minimal footprint in nature so that these wild critters can flourish.”  I knew when I signed her up for it it would be right up her alley! And she loves spending time at Adventure Science and I knew she’d enjoy getting behind the scenes of it a bit more.


She had a GREAT week.  There were only three other girls in her group, another Lilli and two Sophies! It’s pretty strange that it was mostly boys, but the counselors said their program seems to attract more buys.  So crazy! And disappointing.  We need more Science girls! She loved every second of it and asked if she could go back for more weeks next summer.  She’s actually loved all her camps and it’s going to be hard to pick next summer since they’ve all been great and well done.

Many of her camps we coordinated with other friends throughout the summer, but this particular week she didn’t know anyone going in.  She and “Lily Two” were quick buddies and on Tuesday morning “Lily Two” was waiting for her at the door.  The counselors were great and they did a ton of things that week.  They made various bird nests, spider webs, tie dye T shirt, explored a creek and found small animals, dissected an owl pellet, made a bird feeder and a lot more! Every day she came home with various animal facts and all kinds of things she learned about the animal kingdom.  And she loved the play time in the Science center, too.


Working on her splits in her Shining Stars gymnastics class.


Finally it was warm enough to meet the Kans at the pool one evening after work! And we didn’t get any pictures of our girls together – the big girls were off having a great time in the pool.  We split a pizza and ate some snacks and just “relaxed” in the pool.  The perfect way to end a work day and enjoy summer.


Abbi playing in the fountains.  Up until this point we hadn’t gotten in any pool time yet at the Y! So crazy! Abbi has really loved swimming this summer and gotten very comfortable (with her floatie) in the pool.


Now that Lilli is on the Shining Stars competition team it seems like we’re at the gym all the time! She still only goes for one hour each, but on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  She’s also in the “new” gym now.  It is slightly easier to watch but a smaller bleachers area.  It was awards night and she was proud to get her latest medal from Coach Jamie.


In true Ninja fashion, she skipped the step and jumped straight off the top.


With her latest medal.  She’s been in gymnastics for nearly two years now and I think this makes her 4th or 5th medal.  Even though everyone gets one and they’re all the same it’s definitely one of her treasures!


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