ND or Bust: The Rainy Road Taken (Part 1)

From June 19…..

Somehow after our (mostly) painless trip to Florida I actually was able to convince Brent we should take our summer vacation to North Dakota.  We calculated it would be about 16 hours there and back, and that we could take two separate routes and not see anything twice.   We’ve been stuck at 47 states visited together for several years, and we both wanted to finish up the continental states.  Once I got him to agree to my crazy plan I ordered as many free travel guides as I could and put together our plan in less than 3 weeks – during the craziest, busiest, wildest time at work we have all year (budget season).

With Lilli’s camp schedule we haven’t had a ton of flexibility in days off or leaving early this summer since we know she doesn’t want to miss any of her camps.  So we decided we’d work all day that Friday and go ahead and take her to her Ninja Warrior class and avoid some traffic heading north.  Coach Travis giving the kids a pep talk before class:


Leaping from obstacle to obstacle.  Every Ninja course on TV starts with this and it’s crazy how many people fall on that one.  I know our little Ninja would nail it with all the practice she’s had!


We got home, ate a quick dinner, dropped Olli off to be boarded, loaded the car and we were on our way! The girls had blankets and movies and we had hoped they’d fall asleep before too long.

First state: Kentucky!


Of course our plan didn’t work exactly like what we wanted.  Abbi fussed and cried and screamed for the first couple of hours.  She just couldn’t relax and go to sleep and was so tired she was just a terrible mess.  Not the best way to start a 2,750 mile road trip.  We finally stopped at a gas station and got some of her sleep “must haves” she had dropped and she eventually passed out.  We couldn’t decide if we should just turn around or what, but since we already had a hotel room booked in Louisville we decided to at least keep going and decide the next day.  It was a looong ride to Louisville.


And it was POURING.  A tropical storm was moving through and between the rain and construction it was so hard to see the road.


Abbi fell asleep not too long after we stopped at the gas station and then Lilli fell asleep not too much longer after that.  It was after 11 before we made it to Louisville, so the girls were definitely out “late”.


Of course when we got to our room Abbi was rested and ready to go.  Just a little energy nap for her….


Lilli, on the other hand, was still sound asleep and had to be carried in and basically never woke up.


We had gotten them a sofa bed to sleep on and Abbi piled all the stuffed animals on Lilli and refused to sleep down there with her.  Since it was after midnight at this point we just let her sleep with us.


The next morning – Abbi sleeping completely perpendicular with her feet in my chest and her head in Brent’s.  It wasn’t a good night of sleep, to say the least.  We were ready to head to the Louisville Zoo and get this vacation started!


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