ND or Bust: Louisville Zoo (Part 2)

From June 20….

We set our alarms to get up around 7:30 or so (we’re just not morning people….) and have breakfast at the hotel.  On the first day of a long road trip you don’t mind the hotel waffles and dry pastries, but by the end of our trip it was a different story.

It was raining pretty hard that morning so we took our time getting ready since it seemed like the last bit of the tropical storm should be moving out of the area.  And when we got to the Louisville Zoo we realized what we had forgotten on this trip – a stroller.  At least you can rent them fairly inexpensively at most zoos or major attractions.  You can see Abbi was thrilled that we found a way to make her relax, stay dry, enjoy being pushed around to enjoy the sights, and save her energy for the animals. You’re welcome!


The rain was still off and on so we did as many of the indoor habitats as we could.  They have a rare white albino alligator here that was pretty cool to see (King Louie).


While I forgot a stroller, I did remember to pack their little Dora umbrella and an umbrella for us.  The rain definitely kept the crowds away and it was so hot and humid that the rain wasn’t much of a problem for us.  We’ve endured and learned to adapt to rain on a LOT of our trips.  Hurricanes, floods, and everything in-between don’t stop us from enjoying travel.


They also had a really nice monkey house that the girls LOVED.


Mandatory goat selfies in the petting area.


Abbi loves Abbi-sized goats.  And look how long and skinny her legs are getting! She’s definitely growing taller and getting thinner.  That little Baby Guess top is one of my all time favorites on her and Lilli!  And those awful red Crocs were a favorite of both girls.


A mildly successful girls pic.


One of the animals Lilli has really been wanting to see in “real life” is a polar bear.  They had a really nice Artic area at this zoo.  The polar bears were very active and walking all around so she got a nice, close view of them.


Such a pretty animal!


We stopped in at the gift shop before we left.  As cute as she is with this tiger, she actually ended up with a stuffed Albino Alligator and Lilli picked out a Bat.


Our first selfie stick picture with some kind of fishbowl attachment.  The selfie stick came in handy not only for picture taking but also for fishing dropped items out from the sides of carseats on our long road trip.

Overall the Louisville Zoo was really nice – certainly nicer than our Nashville Zoo as far as the quantity of animals and their habitats.  And with our Nashville Zoo membership we saved 50% on admission so it was a pretty cheap admission price for us to visit.

And from there – onwards to Indiana!


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