ND or Bust: KidsCommons (Part 3)

From June 20….

After we visited the zoo we stopped and had lunch at Wendy’s before heading into Indiana.  Neither Lilli or Abbi had been to Indiana so this was a new state for both of them.  I don’t think Brent and I had been since back in college when we took a “detour” through Indianapolis just to see it on our way home from visiting Bruce and Suzy in Columbus, Ohio.


So much construction all across America! Our first stop was in Columbus, Indiana where we visited the Kidscommons childrens museum.  It’s in a really cute little town and it was surprisingly busy.  It seemed like a place where a lot of people drop off their older kids and disappear, and that part was pretty annoying because bigger kids were literally running wild.

It had all the standard kid museum stuff – but the unique part was the ‘blown up’ house with its exaggerated features.  The big giant toilet that you climb through was what attracted us to this place and Lilli loved it.  There were all kinds of tubes and tunnels to climb through.


A big tree both girls loved playing inside.


A big bubble area.  That boy’s face cracks me up.


And of course they had various garden, shopping, grocery store and other tinkering blocks/drawing and book areas.  Abbi could push a stroller or grocery cart around all day.

The girls enjoyed the museum but it wouldn’t necessarily make one of our top picks from the trip and I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit there.


From there we stopped for a Fro Yo snack in downtown Columbus before heading towards Indianapolis, our stop for the evening.  For some reason as soon as we’d get to our hotel each night Abbi would just lose it.  I’m not sure what it was, but as soon as we’d get in a room she’d just start picking fights with Lilli and melting down.  So she became the special luggage helper to get her out of the room and calmed down.


Elevator jumpers!


And for dinner we had Steak and Shake.  Definitely not my favorite place to eat but it was right across the parking lot from us and easy to get in and out of.  She looks like a giant in the booster seat and hat!

We had a great first full day of our trip and were ready to keep heading north towards North Dakota.


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