ND or Bust: Gummies and Lakes (Part 5)

From June 21:

We left the zoo and kept heading North through Indiana.  Along the interstate all of a sudden we came upon all these awesome windmills.  They were everywhere for several miles throughout the farm land.


They were so pretty and ran for miles and miles as far as you could see in every direction.


Our next stop was the Albanese Gummy Bear Factory.  It’s a popular brand of candy up there, and this particular store also had a factory where you could see some part of the candy making process.


It was a very cute store front (in front of the large factory where it’s made.)


This place was PACKED! Long lines at all the candy counters and just tons of people buying candy.  They make a lot of chocolate things, but gummi bears in all kinds of flavors are their specialty.


Of course we had to buy things to try out – some chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered pretzels, Chocolate gummi bears, plain gummi bears and one of my faves – Buckeyes.  It was all delicious and a great Father’s Day treat for Brent!


From there we headed up to the Indiana Dunes Park, about 45 minutes away.   Brent and I love a good sand dune and some of our favorite trips out west have included some major dune hiking.  This particular park was on the beach of Lake Michigan and was absolutely gorgeous.


I knew it was on the lake and there was a “beach” but I had no idea to expect this! It was definitely a popular hang out for the locals, and I don’t blame them. The water at shore was pretty clear and very soft waves.


If I knew how fun it would be I would’ve changed the girls into swimsuits before we walked down, but they had a blast splashing and digging in their clothes.


After they played for a little while we decided to hike the dune and do a short loop before letting them cool down in the water before leaving.  Kids were having a ton of fun hiking up and then racing each other down, and in many cases rolling all the way back down.


The gorgeous view from the top.


Another gorgeous view from the other end of the loop before we came back down the dune.  There was a young couple in their 20’s up at the top and they said something to us about our accent and asked where we were from – marking the first time on this trip we stood out as being “tourists”.


By the time we were getting ready to leave the girls were totally drenched.  But who can blame them? It was a perfect lake for playing and we had plenty of extra clothes in the car.


Family photo at the Lake! This was Abbi’s first Great Lake.  Lilli had already been to Lake Michigan when we took her to Chicago a few years ago.


And as the sun started to set you could see Chicago across the Lake in the distance.  SO cool – and part of the next leg of our journey!


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