ND or Bust: Chicago Dawgs (Part 6)

From June 21…..

When we left the Dunes we started heading towards the North-West and straight for Chicago! We really wanted to spend time there, but knew we just wouldn’t have time to really enjoy Chicago and make it all the way to North Dakota.  And Chicago is a short flight anyway.


We really weren’t sure how close we’d get to downtown, so we were thrilled that we kept heading closer and closer to that fantastic skyline.


And closer and closer.  Abbi loved seeing all the giant buildings, Lilli looked for a second and then was back to her movie.  Abbi also loved all the commuter trains and elevated subway trains we passed.  She was hilarious on the entire trip – when we’d see trains she’d call out each of our names individually and make sure we saw it.  She drove Lilli crazy since she was usually watching a movie and had her headphones on.


Such a fantastic skyline.  Illinois was a new state for Abbi, but not Lilli.  She went to Chicago several years ago, even if she doesn’t remember it.


We really got close to downtown! It was nice to see it so closely since we didn’t have time to visit.


We kept heading west through Illinois with our plan being to stay in Wisconsin that night so it was a bit of a long travel day.  We were near the Wisconsin border when we stopped for dinner.  We were looking for something pretty quick when we ran across Portillo’s.  The first time Brent and I went to Chicago (back in 1998 when we were in college) we ate most every meal at the Portillos in downtown Chicago.  Their hot dogs really are pretty good, but mostly it was cheap and easy college food!! We were so excited to see this place and try it as a family, and try to figure out if it really was as good as we remember it from 17 years earlier.  It was brand new and had a CRAZY line but it was worth it to have the opportunity to eat there.


Abbi loved waving at the kitchen prep workers while we waited for our order.


It was about 10 oclock at night when we got there for dinner and we were all SO tired.  The girls were in such a wacky mood and both of them wanted to sit in my lap.  For some reason that made Abbi so mad she was trying to bite Lilli.


It was both hilarious and bizarre.


We wanted Lilli to take a picture of just us at Portillo’s.  It got a little interrupted…. The food was so delicious and I’m really glad we had the opportunity to eat there, especially since we didn’t get to stop in Chicago.


Finally, we made it to Wisconsin! A new state for Lilli and Abbi.


And our seasoned little travelers were so happy to be at the hotel for the night.  It was a great but LONG and late night of travel.  Up next – a day in Wisconsin!


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