ND or Bust: Of Cheese and Deer (Part 7)

From June 22……

When we woke up on Monday morning the weather forecast left a lot to be desired.  Some pretty strong storms and a lot of rain were moving through Wisconsin, and we had planned to spend the morning at the award winning Botanical Gardens in Madison.  Most of the time we don’t mind getting a little wet, but strong storms and outdoor garden don’t blend too well.  So, we looked at the map and decided to head to Monroe, WI – THE home of all things cheese.  Brent and I had been there before when we originally visited Wisconsin and loved it, so we knew it would be worth heading a bit off course to work in.

It poured on us the entire way there.  At times it was pretty strong so we were definitely glad we skipped the botanical gardens.


The Alp and Dell!


Lilli cracks me up when she wears her hat.  She can be so fancy and then also so sporty.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! Fresh cheese curds.  It doesn’t get better than that.


They have a viewing area where you can watch cheese being made, but we don’t have a clue what they’re doing.  We still enjoy watching though, and Abbi enjoyed waving.


And the best part – their store full of all kinds of cheese samples.  The girls LOVED all the samples.


Our little cheesehead! Fitting since last time we were in Wisconsin I was pregnant but we didn’t actually know it yet.


After buying ourselves some cheese to keep in our cooler we headed back on track towards our next stop – the Wisconsin Dells.  We stopped for a quick lunch at Taco Bell first.


Brent and I had also been through the Dells before, but not during tourist season.  The Wisconsin Dells is basically a Northern Gatlinburg.  Full of over the top tourist traps – Ripley’s Museums, oddities, amusement parks, water parks and all kinds of random distractions and fudge shops.


Out of all the incredibly strange tourist things we could do there I ended up picking the Wisconsin Deer Park.  We love anything involving animal encounters, and this was absolutely right up our alley.  I knew when the woman at the counter laughed at me when I asked if the deer were actually friendly that we were in for a treat.

Besides the deer they had a lot of other animals – pigs, peacocks, lemurs, goats, llamas and all kinds of animals.


These teenagers gave the girls some of their food to feed the goats with.  It always helps to be cute!


And then it was time for the deer.  You walked through some gates and then the deer were absolutely everywhere.  We bought some of their food (think graham crackers) and these deer were like magnets.

Abbi has never met an animal she can’t have a conversation with.


She was in love.  And these deer weren’t a bit shy or concerned about her or any of the other visitors.  If you had food, they were your friend.


We have hundreds of pictures just like this one.


So fun.


She was absolutely loving every second of it.


No surprise she tried to sit on one.  It was only a matter of time.


Sometimes the deer got a little TOO friendly.




We were such rookies – we fed them all our crackers on one side of the park and as we kept walking there was another huge deer area.  They were still friendly, even without food, but we felt bad.


Our buddy.  And it was so windy that afternoon after the storm passed through.


Best buddies.  I’d definitely recommend Wisconsin Deer Park if you’re ever in the area – just buy a ton of food!


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