ND or Bust: The Greatest of them All (Part 10)

From June 23:

We left Wabasha and continued heading Northwest.  Our drive was gorgeous and scenic and kept us right next to the Mississippi.  We saw a nice little park and pulled off to get a better view and dip our toes in the Mississippi – mostly just to say we did.  Abbi was asleep and we told Lilli to stay in the car.


Selfies on the River.


It was a beautiful afternoon and the drive was so pretty and relaxing up the highway towards Minneapolis.


We were staying right on the Wisconsin – Minnesota line and we went back and forth a few times on the drive.


And finally – we were at our destination – THE Mall of America!


Lilli’s reaction when we told her we’d arrived.  She loves spending some time at the mall and she was incredibly excited to be at “the biggest mall”.


The first thing she wanted to go to was the aquarium inside the mall – but it ended up being closed for a private event.  She was SO disappointed.  So we headed towards the Nickelodeon indoor amusement park.  I’d always heard there’s an entire theme park in there but never quite knew what that would look like.  And it looks like a giant, indoor theme park!


We bought a few tickets to ride and started on the little trucks for both girls.  I rode with Abbi and Lilli drove the truck behind us.


Both shoes thrown off and full body on the ground = Abbi loved it!


Lilli ended up trying the Pepsi Orange Crush ride that snaked all around (the orange track from the picture above) and LOVED it! It was a real, legit roller coaster – nothing upside down but lots of fast turns and ups and downs.


And Brent and Abbi took another turn on the trucks.


I think Lilli ended up riding this Pepsi ride about 5 times, alternating between us.  She and I also rode the Log Ride which was a bit scary, but the couple in front of us gave us 10 more tickets so she got to ride a few more times on the Pepsi ride!


The amusement park was so much fun.  Lines were incredibly short and we just had a blast.  They also had character stations and both girls flipped out to meet Sponge Bob.  Lilli is a huge fan and by default even little sis knows who he is.


Posing with old Square Pants.  As if they didn’t already love this mall…….


And the mall itself – it was nice, but nothing that special.  It’s basically every store shoved under one giant, multi-story roof.  It literally has ALL the stores from Marshalls to Dollar Tree and everything in-between.  It’s nice to have them all in one place, but we have pretty much everything we can afford right here in Nashville, so we didn’t shop much.


Apparently this photo opp happened while I was in a souvenir store shopping.  We rented a little car stroller for Abbi and the best way to get her to want to ride in it is for someone else to be in it.  And of course both girls were tired and fought over getting to ride versus having to walk this huge place.


We ate some dinner in the massive food court – imagine basically every restaurant side by side on an entire floor! Then we went over to the Disney store to check it out.


It was a large store with plenty for the girls to do while we shopped.


Even thought it’s “THE” Mall of America it still closed at 9.  We could’ve stayed and played all night! We stopped at the Nestle TollHouse store for a few cookies for the road and off we went.  I had wanted to stay near the mall but literally everything was booked so we had to continue on our way towards St Cloud, Minnesota.  It really was quite chilly when we got there and Lilli wanted to wrap up in her panda blanket while we got the luggage in and settled into the hotel for the evening.  It felt so nice for late June! It was another late night, but so worth it to finally get to experience the greatest of all the malls in the land.


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