ND or Bust : Storybooks in South Dakota (Part 13)

From June 25……

The girls woke up like this:


We went back over to Frontier Village because there were a couple of souvenir shops we wanted to visit.  It was a gorgeous North Dakota morning.  (That’s the world’s largest buffalo in the background.)


Lilli begged and begged to go to the Buffalo Museum and eventually talked us into it.  Who knows if we’ll ever be back there? Even if things throw us off track sometimes the detours are worth it, and she loves a good museum.


It was definitely a little wacky – full of taxidermy things to touch.  Just drawers and drawers of stuffed animals….


Abbi loved all the stuffed, dead animals as well.


They had a viewing area for the herd of buffalo but none of them were out that morning.  We really were so lucky to see so many the night before.  There were lots of things regarding the history of the west, Indians, North Dakota and Buffalo in general.  It was a little wacky but I’m glad Lilli talked us into it.  There were also a LOT of things not to be touched that gave Abbi fits.


After getting a few souvenirs of our trip we headed south – and made it into South Dakota! South Dakota is one of my favorites, but we’d only visited the south-west side where Mount Rushmore is.


Wide open highways, gorgeous skies and just a wonderful day.


We had to completely re-map our path back since we decided to go deeper into North Dakota than we had originally planned.  In grabbing some new travel books along the way I found the most magical place in Aberdeen, South Dakota – Storybook Land.  We wouldn’t tell Lilli where we were going so when we pulled in she lost her mind.


It was this adorable, totally free, land full of all kinds of storybook themed areas.  All kinds of slides, climbing things, and just general fun.


Running away from the spider of Little Miss Muffet.


A real castle full of all kinds of things to climb and do.


This slide was really fun until Abbi completely tumbled off the side and scared us to death.


A view of some of it.  It was really large with two snack/cafes, a new ride being built, and even a little petting zoo/Old McDonalds farm area.  It was such a blast, the type of thing I’d love to have here in Nashville.


The Land of Oz portion was awesome.  You start by going into a house where a tornado is simulated – then when you walk outside the sepia tone house everything is in color and you start following the yellow brick road.  The house was so much fun – I think Lilli went through it five or six times.


From there you walk through the woods and encounter all of Dorothy’s friends with various slides, tunnels and all kinds of fun things to do along the way.


We had lunch outside at one of the cafes and then Lilli and I rode the hot air balloons.


It was a total blast with my little freckle buddy.


And then we all rode the carousel.  Abbi is going through a weird phase where she’ll only ride the bench instead of an animal.  So we get to look lame-o on every carousel we ride.


Lilli and I spent some time in the gift shop before heading on our way.  Storybook Land was definitely one of the top 5 stops on our entire vacation and if we ever have an opportunity to be in that area we’d definitely go again and plan even longer for the girls to play.  It’s the type of place they could stay at all day!


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