July 4th: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

From July 4th…..

After we woke up we got the girls out of the house to run around and play bubbles and explore in the yard.  Abbi loves doing bubbles.  Olli was pretty excited about it, too.


We took bets on which one of the toddlers would end up in the pond first.  At least only one of them drank out of it.  (that we know of)


Olli took his fishing position.


First fish of the day! I caught several, and even a few more without any kind of worm or bait.  We had lots of issues with lines and hooks breaking, but we still had a pretty good haul that morning.  Only one got caught in a bad enough spot that he didn’t make it back in.


He was watching.  Just with his eyes closed.


Lilli caught several, too.  She really enjoys fishing and is relatively patient waiting on the fish.


Cousin picture, minus Grant who couldn’t be there.  And the dogs, who couldn’t get along.


When he’s out, he’s out.  And after the surgery he just had we changed his name from Oliver to Olivia.  If it works for Caitlin…..


All the paparazzi was out to welcome the ladies back from their adventure.


And we took two very, very tired girls home.  Poor Lilli was losing her voice.  A 10 day vacation followed immediately by a few more days away was tough on the little 6 year old, and right after the 4th it was time for more camps and she needed a day of rest in-between.  Summer break isn’t really for relaxing for us!  And Abbi completely fell asleep while eating chips.


Three tired kiddos watching some TV


When he’s good, he can be very, very good.  And then there’s the rest of the time….

It was good to all be home and back under the same roof again – for more than just a few hours this time!


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