Feeling Artsy

From July 5 – 9

One of the things I brought back from our vacation was a sinus infection.  All those hotel rooms, different states and public places wore me down on the very last day and I woke up with a sore throat.  I’d hoped it would just go away but I finally ran to the doctor and while I waited on my prescription I found these bubble guns.  We’ve had some before but they wear out fast.  They’re a guaranteed hit in this house.


Lilli has a fashion sense all her own.  Pippin used to love to chase bubbles.  Olli is most certainly a different beast.


While Abbi napped I took Lilli to go see Inside Out.  Overall it made me a little sad – I was hoping for something really funny and it was definitely a deeper side of Disney.  Lilli loved it.


She still doesn’t weight enough to keep her own seat down!


A little horseback riding while watching Shark Week.IMG_5224

The kids table is SUCH a bore.


Babies raising babies.


That week Lilli went to Art camp at the Frist Art Museum.  She did a morning sculpture class and an afternoon mixed media class.  Since the museum is literally across the street from my office she rode in and out with me each day, and hung out in my office before and after work.  She was definitely a tough boss.




Abbi could ride in the Jeep all night long.  She’s dying to drive it and sometimes Lilli will let her sit in her lap and steer.


One afternoon outside the Frist.


Gymnastics! She’s on the far left.  She’s loved the Shining Stars team and has really progressed with more practice time this summer.


One of her favorite things at my office is the food in the cafe.  That is NOT one of my favorite things, but the breakfast isn’t as bad as other meals.


She is such a good big sis.  (Also notice her dress – she was very intentional with her clothes on Shark Week!)


This kid and potty training.  It’s not going well.  Some days she sits and sits and nothing happens.  She’s just not wanting to do it, even though she totally could.


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