The Artist

From July 9-10….

Feeling  a little wild one afternoon in my office after Art Camp.  Have I mentioned I’ll probably do some before/after care next year if she does Art Camp again?!?!?


The struggle is real.  Summer break really isn’t a “break”.


Pajama and Stuffed Animal day at preschool.  So much to bring, such little arms.


On Friday afternoon Lilli’s classes had an art show to exhibit all their hard work from the sessions she took during the week.  She was so excited to show everything off and all week didn’t want to tell us what all she’d been making.  When I picked her up I saw her section out in the hall and had her pose with it.  At first I thought that was all she’d done all week, and really couldn’t figure out how she spent her time.  But then we headed into all the rooms….


In her sculpture class they’d made a ton of different models.  This one she said was of Downtown Nashville including my office building.  She showed me which building was mine and which one was Serif’s Daddy (we don’t work in the same buildings since our company has multiple towers downtown.) And they made a bunch of other models with wood, clay, paper, beads, pipe cleaners and lots of media.  So I felt better about how our time/money was spent.  (All of the things in the floor on the right side are hers.)


And then she took me to another area where she’d made all her little modeling clay bugs.  An entire plate of all kinds of little bugs.


And then there was MORE! A whole area with some larger paintings, more drawings, sketches on different media (like foil) and even a placemat they’d stamped.  I think I ended up with about 5 large bags of her artwork from the week.  She really loved it and got to try a TON of different things.  Art was one of her favorite Specials in Kindergarten last year, so I’m glad she got to focus on it for a week this summer and it was so different than any of her other camps she went to.  I’d definitely recommend it, but sign up EARLY! We had meant for her to go with one of her preschool friends but in the day it took we to get online (in Feb!) and sign up it was booked, so we had to do a different week.  A few of her friends from Kindergarten joined her and she made a ton of new friends as well.  It was definitely a good week and she got to spend time in the gallery and learn about the current exhibits, as well.  (Ironically the Y she spent some time at this summer did a field trip there during the week and she got to see some of her other counselors and friends and she loved that!)


A little family time at REI picking up more gear for all our fun hikes we’ve done this summer.  Maybe one day we’ll camp as a family and get these adorable little chairs!


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