Humans with Humans

From July 11:

Just two sisters, sharing a chair and some breakfast.  The best of buddies.


On this particular Saturday morning we met Lilli’s main man, Serif, and his family (he does still need drivers….) at Cheekwood to check out the new Human Landscape exhibit by Plensa.  Also known as “the big heads”.  We’d had such a busy spring and summer that it seemed like forever since we’d gotten to hang out at one of our favorite spots in town!

First stop – the updated Trains exhibit.  They just did a major expansion and it’s huge now! Several new trains and lots of new track and features.


Lilli wanted Serif to see the “museum” so we walked through that and out onto the gorgeous terrace.  No shocker that Abbi and her body found the fountain.  Also, keep in mind it was an INSANELY hot day – one of the hottest of the summer in the upper 90’s and Lilli wanted to wear boots.  She marches to her own fashion beat.


One of the really cool faces, under attack from Lilli and Abbi in another pool (shocking, I know!!)


The bodies all around the little trees.  We couldn’t figure out last fall why they had made these mounds and planted trees but it all makes sense now!


These large bodies were some of our favorites.


Inside the museum there was an area where you could draw/write your inspiration from the exhibit.  I think Jeff and the kids made paper airplanes.


This open one (that was okay to touch) was really fun for the kiddos.


We packed picnic lunches and ate in the shade near the lake.  While we were eating we kept spotting turtles out in the ponds and afterwards the kids wanted to run over and feed them all the sandwich they didn’t eat.  This turtle let them get SO close.


And then when it started taking off Lilli got a little TOO scared and a LOT too clingy! What in the world? The turtles really were one of my favorite things from the day – we saw several and they absolutely went crazy for our sandwich leftovers.  They were pretty big and covered in moss and gunk.  I think they rarely get fed, so they were a lot more willing to swim up for food.


At this point it was BOILING hot so we let them decide the last area we’d explore that day.  A huge perk of being a member is never feeling like we have to see and do it all.  We usually just focus on a few areas and enjoy them at our snails pace each time we go.  The kiddos picked the Japanese gardens for our last stop of the day.  They ran ahead and sat down on a bench while they waited on us – and I found them like this.  Lilli for sure loves her some Serif!


Thank goodness baby sis is always around to break things up!


And all the bigger kids giving Pepper some love.  She’s going to be out there running wild with the rest of them before we know it!


I guess Brent caught these last two on our way out to the car.  That Abbi girl – she is such a mess!


This silly kid!


We had a GREAT time at Cheekwood and I can’t wait to go back, especially this fall as the pumpkins, mums and scarecrows come out.  We came home, Abbi napped, we all recovered from the heat and then I headed out to get my hair done.  I always feel better as a blonde!


That day – I had started with a 3 mile run on the greenway, all kinds of walking at Cheekwood, and just our usual busy family life.  I earned some steps that day!


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