Packing it In

From July 12-

Abbi has her own sense of style, too.  I’m just not sure I’d call her “fancy”.


We took a short hike over at Radnor Lake to get us all moving.  It was another HOT day but in the shade it felt nice.


Such a pretty view and a quiet place to get away from the city.


Abbi does pretty good on hikes but usually ends up wanting to be carried.  She’s too big for a carrier but her legs just can’t hang in there with all of us, so she’s just kind of in-between.  But she always likes going and exploring, and it’s a good calorie burning workout for us!


We actually came up on a few deer in the woods.  I was pretty shocked since we definitely weren’t quiet.


They let Lilli get really close before running off.


After a short nap (Abbi’s current fave type of nap) we hit the pool for an hour.  Gotta squeeze that pool time in as we can! This little swimsuit may be my favorite of all times.


And our little freckle face.  Her swimming has come along so much this summer!


And if all that wasn’t enough, that evening was the last free summer concert of the summer at the park amphitheater near us.  We had not made it all summer, and this night was a Michael Jackson cover band.


At first Abbi was scared to death of the loud music – she’s not a fan of anything loud.  Lilli absolutely loved it.  She hasn’t been to many live concerts, so she loved everything about the performance.  She was also the first one to notice they had two “Michaels” that would swap off.


Starting to loosen up.  A little.


Were they the best impersonators of MJ? Probably not. But it was a lot of fun.


Lilli wore a different pair of winter boots on this 97 degree day.  Different strokes for different folks.


They had a ton of different costumes and did all the most famous songs.  They performed for nearly two hours.


By the end of the night Abbi was dancing and running around like all the bigger kids.  Maybe next year we can make it to more of the weekly concerts!


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