American Girls

From July 13…

This particular week Lilli went to camp at the Zoo! I coordinated with one of her besties from preschool (Amelia) and the girls were SO happy to see each other.  The camp lasted from 9-3 every day, so we did before and after care and every afternoon Lilli was so mad when I picked her up.  She absolutely loved this camp and even though logistically it wasn’t the most convenient I think it’s one we’ll just have to do every summer.


It was a hot, hot, hot summer week and they spent a ton of time out in the zoo studying various animals.  In this particular camp they were learning about various body parts – so on Monday they might study necks and spend time out with the giraffes, owls, etc learning about various types of necks and such.  When I picked her up I knew she was hot and tired, and for the first time in ages she fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Not just asleep but head down, mouth open, drooling asleep.

And we had reservations at the American Girl cafe for dinner that night.  I had made them back in May because they were booked pretty far in advance.  And Abbi was also in a fussy mood.  This wasn’t a recipe for a great night out!


At the American Girl cafe, in the new store, you bring your doll and they get special high chairs at the table.


You also get these little tea cups for your doll – that you get to keep!


It was for sure a girl’s heaven! Everything was pick and just over the top.


And the food was really very good.  Tons of healthy choices and good sized portions.  We all ended up sharing our meals and everything was delicious.  Abbi had pizza, Lilli had mac n cheese, Brent got a burger and I had a flatbread pizza.  It was all SO good.IMG_2078

Brent and his little girls, and a sundae they devoured.


They were all in on this thing – they didn’t leave much for us!


Little piggies! I’d definitely go back for another dinner at some point in the future.  The service was good and so was the food and overall our dinner was $50 but that included pink drinks for 3 of us and dessert, as well as the two teacups the girls got to keep and ponytail holders that were the napkin rings.  Considering how expensive American Girl stuff is, getting to keep your teacups is a pretty good deal along with the food.


We spent a few minutes just looking around in the store but Abbi was such a mess moving things around, wanting to get things down, and pushing strollers everywhere that we didn’t stay long.  Abbi is really way more into this stuff than Lilli – Lilli never plays with her doll but Abbi does and sometimes sleeps with it!

With two tired girls at the beginning of our night I’m just glad they were able to pull it together and have a nice evening.


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