Summer Fun

From July 14-16….

Abbi mangling, I mean cutting, some fruit for us one night for dinner.


Poor Lilli-Bug had a high energy summer.  A few days a week we were heading straight from camps (many outside in the heat) straight to gymnastics since her class met twice a week this summer.  Throw in Ninja class one night a week and this girl was bushed!


Nature crossing one morning at Zoo drop off.


One of my favorite things we did this summer was make lots of time for friends at the pool.  At least one night a week we’d meet at the zoo – usually I’d pick Lilli up from wherever and Brent would pick up Abbi and we’d meet at the pool.  We would either pack a picnic or grab food from the cafe and stay until it closed at 8.  And week night crowds were always light.  Lilli and Kelly are both the same age so they had so much fun swimming and both really improved a lot together this summer.   And we always have fun with their parents so everyone was happy!


Can you tell Lilli and Kelly met in gymnastics? Look at that extension!


Enjoying the water fountains together.  Abbi loved the pool this summer, too.  If you ask her what she wants to do she’ll always tell you that she wants to go to the pool! She’s very confident in the water (a little too confident, really!)


Lilli on Zoo Camp picture day.  Our poor little tiny Big Girl never fits in the shirts they give out.  I promise she had on shorts.


And the group picture they sent us of the Jungle Room.  I love that they took a group picture.  She had so much fun in this camp, and it was well organized and run very well. It’s going to be hard to pick camps for next summer because everything we went to was fantastic!

Jungle Room and Gallery Room Week 6-1

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