Zoo Nights

From July 17th…..

Olli loves work from home days, and I didn’t end up getting to have too many this summer with lots of things going on at work.  So when I did work from home, he soaked it right up.


He isn’t the most motivating colleague when you have stacks of email to work your way through though.  However, he definitely leaves me alone so I can get a ton accomplished! It’s amazing how much more work you can get done at home than in the office with all the distractions.


For the last day of Zoo Camp I had planned to cut out a little early so Lilli and I could spend some time hanging out at the zoo, but that Friday also ended up being a Members Only night! So Brent, Abbi and I picked up Lilli a little earlier than normal and headed into the zoo.  On Members Only night they were staying open 2 hours later for only the members and bringing in bounce houses, magic shows, face painting and all kinds of fun.

We knew she’d want to “show off” all her new zoo knowledge, so we let her be our personal tour guide and naturally the first thing she wanted to do was hike to the far end of the zoo, in 100 degree heat, and tell us all about the elephants – who were all incredibly far away.  But she was very proud of all her new elephant and giraffe facts.


She also wanted to go back and feed the birds (which they had already done that day) but that area closed way before the zoo even did, which seemed a little odd.  Instead she wanted to show us the secrets she had learned about how to get splashed in the snake fountain.


She also wanted to show us the “secret” part of the playground.  Don’t tell her, but the secret is we’ve just never shown it to her before.  That playground is massive with 800 different ways in and out and it’s impossible to keep up with both girls going different directions, so we don’t spend a lot of time there.  There’s a million ways to get stuck and the bigger kids just tear through it, so it’s literally my least favorite stop on any zoo trip.  But she had a blast there during camp playing with Amelia and new friends, and wanted to show us.  So we obliged.


The fountains on a crazy night are not a bad way to cool off.


They only had one cafe open, and it’s a nicer one we’ve never actually tried before.  The food was more expensive but it was nicer.  And open.


Abigail is literally the world’s slowest eater. And messy.  Why do I even put her in white Gap shirts?? She was still munching away and Lilli was itching to get back to the special kid zone so I hung with The Boss.


Bounce houses and face paint galore! And free carousel rides!


Zebra Lilli.  Abbi wasn’t quite ready to try this.


We ran into Brent’s coworker Michael and his family.  It’s been ages since we’ve seen them! We did the magic show together and then headed over to the really cool new turtle area.


Krista (his wife) and I waited in the train line forever.  When we finally got up there we were the last spots on this ride and the lady wanted to split us all up.  Some nice parents got off so we could at least have one of us in there for Abbi.  I think Luke was giving Lilli some googly eyes here…..We showed it to her the next day and she told us since he’s just starting kindergarten he’s too young for her. Ha!


Not only was the train car tiny the ride was literally the biggest waste of time.  The tiniest little loop you’ve ever seen.  Next time we for sure will skip that! But we can all say we did it once!


Two extra hours at the zoo really isn’t that much, so we started heading back towards the exit stopping at exhibits along the way.


While Luke and Lilli really hit it off, Abbi had made a new friend, too.  She just grabbed right on to Gracie as a partner and wasn’t a bit interested in the rest of us.


The 4 kiddos on our way out.  Poor Noah (their oldest) didn’t really have a buddy in this group or any interest in the “kid” picture.  But these 4 had so much fun together and the zoo is always more fun with friends.

We stayed until after they closed at 8 and pretty much had to be booted out of there.  And even then we ran into Brent’s college roommate and his family in the parking lot and we caught up with them for a bit.  The zoo was the place to be on Member’s Night and we’ll definitely be back next time!


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