Donkey Days

From July 18th……

Another Saturday morning, another hot and sweaty run.  Picking back up with long runs in July was probably not the best idea!


But, the upside is that a 6 am alarm on a Saturday and just a 4 mile run still gets you home before your human people are up and you can enjoy your US Weekly, iced coffee and some dog drool before they even get up.


They really have so much fun playing together now, when they’re not fighting over the same toy.  Abbi just hangs on every move of her big sister.  Also, matching pink shark dresses from H&M may be my favorite thing ever.  So glad we have an H&M near us now!!


We finally made it out for one of the Ellington Ag Summer Saturdays events.  Every Saturday in July they have fun and free activities, and this year we made it to Donkey Day.  (Last year we made it to Horse Day and we went back in 2011 pre-Abbi, too. )  The first thing Lilli wanted to do was ride a Donkey.


And what  I didn’t realize is that my nasty, sweaty run had made for a gross phone with cloudy pictures until later in our visit.  So our cute donkey pics are cloudy!


Lilli loved riding the donkey but we couldn’t convince Abbi to try it.  I think the cute pink shark dress was the deciding factor in the owner even asking if she could take a picture of Lilli! And ironically, I’m wearing the same shirt I wore in our 2011 visit to Summer Saturday.   Clearly I’ve gotten my money’s worth!


While she wouldn’t ride the donkeys she loved the area where you could pet and brush them.


Someone please buy this kid a donkey!!


I mean really, how cute would they be with a donkey and I think Brent and I would save tons of mowing time! And it could probably be a good playmate for Olli.


They had the usual crafts and old historic stations open in their little “village” and Lilli liked watching the lady demonstrate weaving.  They also had folk music and a bee station.


Abbi played in the “pig pen” while Brent and Lilli walked through the museum.  I’ve been before and would rather sit in the 100 degree heat than walk through the sharp farm tool museum with Abbi.


We enjoyed some awesome cornbread from the mill, checked on the Police horses and ran around the tractors.


These little girls (and us!) were hot by the time we left.  Summer Saturday really are a lot of fun and one of the best kept secrets in Nashville – which we don’t hate at all! I’m sure we’ll be back for one week next summer, too.


And Abbi.  Bless her heart.  Lilli was completely potty trained by this point but this girl is a totally different story.  We just haven’t found that motivator to get her to pee on the potty instead of her diaper or in a corner on the floor when we aren’t looking. With a puppy and a toddler sometimes you just don’t even know where to pass the blame!


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