From July 19-21……..

It was a very, very hot weekend and we were looking for some ways to cool down.  So we took the girls for an afternoon wade at River Park, right by our house.  Most of the time when we’re at the playground or greenway we don’t have the right clothes (or a change of clothes) for them to play, so they’re always wanting to get down in the water.  It was a perfect afternoon to stay cool in the shady creek.


We had a great time just walking around, splashing, throwing rocks and watching other people and their pets come through.  Several people and their pets cooled off in the creek after their runs, and as “puppy” as Olli is I think he would actually love to jump around in the water.


Tossing some rocks and trying to get them to skip.


We never saw many little fish or anything too terribly exciting, but they had a great time just exploring and walking around in the water.


And afterwards we had to stop at the playground for a few minutes.  Considering the heat we literally had it all to ourselves.


Swings for sisters!


I’m pretty sure Abbi’s confused face is because Lilli looks completely grown up!


And of course she had to practice her Ninja moves on the outside of the slide.  The girl is strong!


We ended up getting the little pool out at home. Olli actually really likes to get hosed down, and Abbi doesn’t mind helping him get absolutely soaked.


It was National Ice Cream Day, so we had to.  And thank goodness for Breyers and their awesome Lactose Free ice cream!


Sometimes when you’re potty training you just have to make it as easy as possible.


I’m pretty sure our neighbors think we’re crazy.


This week Lilli was at Science Camp at the Y.  They had made some “volcanoes” that day so she wanted to show us at home.  She really is a Math and Science girl – so far in 1st grade Math is her favorite thing!


And never fear, old Snuggly the guinea pig is still alive and well.  Somehow Abbi hasn’t managed to squash her yet!


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