A Week at the Y

From July 22-24…..

This was Lilli’s Science week at the Y.  It definitely wasn’t as advanced or science-specific as anything she did at Adventure Science Center, but she absolutely loved it.  She loved the counselors at the Y (mostly high school/college kids) so I think that made it a lot more fun for her.  Every time we stopped at the Y all summer for swimming she wanted to come down and see what counselors were around.  Plus, they got to do all the swimming, playground and other Y activities and she loved the variety.

They had a great (private, invite only) Facebook site where they’d post pictures of the kids so it was a ton of fun seeing her with her friends and what she was doing.  We didn’t coordinate this week with any of our “regular” friends,  but by this point in the summer there were kids she already knew from previous camps there as well as school buddies so she never had any trouble adjusting to any of the camps.

Here they are making different phases of the moon with Oreos.  Definitely a yummy project!

Science Camp1

Their field trip was to Edwin Warner Park.  They got to go hiking and also spend time in their great nature center where they have tons of hands on kid things to do.  (Lilli is in the back row, 5 kids from the left.)

science camp2

I can’t remember what they were making here – they did a ton of fun things from volcanoes, to making “Goo”, growing crystals (which I think is what they did here) and even little lava type lamps.


After the first couple of weeks she spent at the Y (Splash/Swim Camp and then Cooking Camp) we told her to be sure she looked when she saw a camera! It definitely paid off with some better pics this week!


I’m pretty clueless on what this one was! Maybe part of the lava lamps?


And on the last day they made ice cream.  The counselors were awesome and at the very beginning of the week remembered she’s lactose intolerant so I was able to sign something and pin her Lactose pills into her backpack so she could participate.  They had even called me to make sure she could eat the Oreos on that day!  She loved this little girl she met, “Meetu”.

She had a fantastic week at Science camp and was sad to see it over.  And I loved that every day I could send $5 and she could get lunch at the in-house Subway! Overall the 3 weeks she spent at the Y were all great.  She was able to get swimming training and had a nice variety of activities.  She loved all her counselors and made a ton of new friends (and now knows her way around the Y backwards and forwards!) We’ll definitely do more camps at the Y next year.


One afternoon when I picked up Lilli we headed over to the pool.  Our pool friends were on vacation that week, but I was excited to hang out there with Lilli for a few extra minutes before Brent and Abbi arrived and just relax. Until I went to change and realized I forgot my swim bottoms.  Uh oh.


So I had to sit and wait and watch Lilli swim until Brent got there with the rest of my outfit.  And I had on jeans so I couldn’t even dip my toes in! Such a bummer.


Ab’s favorite part of the pool – snacks.


Mandatory pee break every hour.  Such a bummer!! It’s the toughest ten minute hourly wait for any kid!!


On Lilli’s gymnastics night Abbi wanted to change into her Christmas pajamas so we did.  Then we all wanted Mexican for dinner so we loaded up our jolly elf and ate out in PJs. Why not?


The booth gets pretty crowded when Daddy is paying.


On Friday morning Abbi was really jealous of Lilli’s Elsa shirt.  So I just fetched a spare from Lilli’s closet and clothes sharing officially began.  We’ll look back on this picture as the beginning of the end. (And they wore their own matching rainbow bike shorts along with it. What’s better than Frozen + Rainbows + Friday? Not much.)


Working from home with my trusty assistant on a Friday.


I picked up the girls and we headed to the pool for some Friday night swim time.  With Lilli already being at the Y all week it was so awesome to just check her out and head right in.  We finally caught them at a time they weren’t out of pizza, too!


Our cutie little freckle face! Friday nights at the pool are the best – not a bit crowded and plenty of space in the pool for everyone.


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