Growing Up

From July 27 – 30…..

The last week of July was a big one! For one thing, it was somehow already the last full week of summer break.  Summer goes by way too fast now and school starts way too soon.  Personally I wish they had a few more weeks of summer to have fun and relax.

For Lilli, it was the “biggest” week of camp for her – she was finally getting to ride the big white Camp Widji (Camp Widjiwagan) bus and be a Brave.  Camp Widji is something all Nashvillians know about – the buses run all summer over to the camp from all over town, and it’s just a huge deal.  They have everything from just day camp to overnight camp and horse camp and basically everything in-between.  It’s exactly what you would picture a camp to be – tons of young counselors, silly songs, outdoor activities from zip lines to pools to the lake and boating and everything in-between.

We signed her up for a more “beginner” type day camp where the counselors help you make your choices all day and it’s a solid intro to everything Camp Widji has to offer.  She was meeting her friend Amelia there, but they wouldn’t be riding the bus together because we live on opposite ends of town.  Three of her other preschool buddies were also there they same week.

On Monday morning when we got to the bus I could tell she was pretty nervous – which absolutely gets me nervous when she hangs back and seems quiet.  A really nice mom and her 8 year old daughter, Sofia, picked up on that and said something to us about how much fun it was and how much Sofia has enjoyed it the last two years.  Somehow they ended up talking about gymnastics and Lilli literally had a new best friend.  Sofia took her arm and they got on the bus together and that was that.  Her week was made and they were waving big time when the bus took off.

I was still MORE than ready to hear all about her day when the bus pulled back in that evening at 5 and she absolutely loved it.  She got to experience so many fun and new things that week that Camp Widji will for sure be an every summer tradition.  On the first day she came home talking about working on making fire! They had a cook-out, roasted smores and did a ton of things.  She learned all kinds of camp songs and couldn’t wait to go back the next day.   And she and Sofia were fast bus buddies – they weren’t in the same tribe because of their age difference but they had plenty of time to play on the bus every day.


Meanwhile Abbi was pretty casual with her own buddies at her school.


That evening we finally took the plunge.  It was time to upgrade Abbi to a toddler bed and take the crib apart.  We knew she was ready, we just weren’t ready for “free range Abbi”.  The girls and I had to stretch out about it while Brent did all the work.


Ta-da! No more cribs in this crib!  And it’s true – she’s an Elmo super fan.


Proud as a peacock! She wanted all of us to take a turn trying out her bed.  She slept great the first night and didn’t really start roaming around for a few weeks!


An afternoon thunderstorm delayed the Camp Widji buses by an hour, so I had a lovely hour wait in my car, we totally missed gymnastics, and we needed Wendys to cope with the crazy day.  Frostys solve everything.


Pool time with friends!! The best part of summer!


Lilli, Kelly and Elizabeth swimming around.  Lilli and Kelly were great pool buddies and it really helped them both to be working on it together.


Little sis owning the snack area.


Sisters! Of course the little sisters don’t look.  It’s a baby sis thing.  They had so much fun together at the pool this summer and the adults had a blast, too.


Waffle breakfast.  It’s become a morning ritual with Brent and the girls.


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