Summer in the Sun

From July 25-26….

I got up bring and early and got my long run finished.  I don’t remember exactly, but this week was probably around 5 miles or so.  It was hot, hot, hot.  I am really glad to have a nice, safe, mostly shaded greenway less than 2 miles from our house!


The kids were getting up as I got home so after some breakfast and a shower or me we stopped in at the Brentwood Farmers Market.  We didn’t need anything but hadn’t been all summer.  The only thing we bought was some basil lemonade that was so good the girls even wanted to have some!


We headed from there over to Edwin Warner Park for some Science time and hiking.  We’d never been in the Nature Center and Lilli had loved her field trip there so much this week we decided to check it out.  It’s a great nature center, even if it does feel like there’s always someone right over your shoulder……


Abbi loved the aquariums and all the stuff she could touch.  They have drawers and drawers of hands on things.


Lilli and I headed out to check out the outdoor play area.  Basically, this is a giant mud kitchen.  If you’re into mud, splashing in mud, and creating more mud with the water in there this is your place.  We’re not into any of those things so I herded them out of there after about 3 seconds.


We pieced together a few of the smaller hikes and Lilli’s favorite was this little .25 mile loop where they’ve cut a book apart and laminated it.  It’s a great idea to keep kids motivated to run on to the next spot and see what happens.


And we checked out the pond area, you could hear all kinds of frogs and it was full of dragonflies.


I think in total we may have hiked about 2 miles. Edwin Warner is great about lots of smaller loops but you can go for longer hikes by adding them together pretty easily.  It’s definitely more “kid friendly” with the difficulty than Percy Warner. We also bought a color map of all the trails in the nature center so as we build them up to longer distances we’ll have a great guide map.


I totally borrowed one of her little headbands for the day.  I figure, why not? And she’s absolutely wearing a reindeer necklace in July.  She just lives in her own level of fancy and she got a ton of comments about how “dressed up” she was for hiking.  I think she likes bringing her A game in fashion!


We’ve had so many pretty butterflies on our flowers this year.  I think they like how completely messy and unkept all our gardens and flower beds are.  Oh well, there’s just been too much fun this summer to spend it all weeding!


Saturday night at the pool! Because once you hit late July you know it won’t be open too much longer!


Sunday morning trike riding after church in her Matlida Jane dress.  They have such sweet little dresses!


A friendly game of Connect 4.


The many faces of Abbi.  She loves to pose with “stink eye”.  She could also play with Play-doh every single day.


While Abbi napped and Brent planted trees I took Lilli to Adventure Science Center for some “big girl” time.  She was dying to go to the planetarium with me so we got some tickets and watched the same show she’d seen a few weeks earlier in summer camp there.  She was so proud for me to watch it, too!


We’ve been members there for over 3 years and have somehow never even watched a show! It was fun.  I will admit I fell asleep a few times.  A dark room and a movie about science and it was pretty inevitable.


Our obligatory bones picture.


The grocery store with these crazies.


We’ve been swimming so much I had to pick up more swim diapers.  I hope this is the last package I EVER have to buy and this kid finally decides to use the potty soon.  Lilli was SO much easier to train!


Our goalie sitting down on the job.


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