Granny Camp, Take 2

From August 1-3…

Another bright, early, hot and sunny long run.  Six or Seven miles on this day, I can’ t quite remember.


I survived my hot run and came home to Abbi eating a brownie.  There’s some motivation for ya! But at least it’s one of my “healthier” ones that are only 90 calories.  They really are pretty good.


Then she creeped right on into my iced coffee.  She has a taste for literally everything.


The girls were both very excited to spend a few days at the end of summer with their grandparents.  Abbi’s teachers had an inservice and Lilli had just a few days of summer left so the timing was perfect for a short “Granny Camp”.


We met up in Spring Hill, had lunch at McAlisters, and moved right in on Uncle Eric’s cheese dip.


We were all pretty jazzed about Granny camp.


Abbi was pretty okay until it sank in she was getting in one car and we were getting in a different one.  The transition is the toughest part – ya gotta be quick!


That night they went to a family party and made some new cousin friends.


Cutie pie little ones.


Brent and I headed out to the movies for the first time this year.  We really don’t care about too many movies and would rather just watch them at home, but we were pretty excited about the new Vacation movie.


I started my binge eating of all Mexican food that night at Swanky’s.


The girls started their ice cream binge eating.


They had fun splashing around in the little pool.


While we went to REI and treated ourselves to some new trail shoes, a new trail backpack (that’s been great for family hikes and bikes) and did a 5-6 mile hike over at Edwin Warner.


Dinner at Local Taco.  More tacos for the win!


Abbi had lots of parking to do at Granny’s.


And more cream.


Of course Lilli had to catch some fish! She’s really excited about the cabin we have rented for Labor Day weekend that comes with our own pond!


And more cream.


We spent our last night of “freedom” trying out an Asian bistro near our house that we’d never been to before.  Brent got some crazy awesome bowl of something spicy and I had Asian fish tacos.  Why break a perfectly good taco streak?


It was delish and there wasn’t a thing on the menu the girls would have liked so it’ll be a great kid-free place to go! Afterwards we polished our “break” off with some shopping at Nordstroms, our favorite place to roam.

Even though this version of Granny Camp was only  a few days long it was great to have a break and get to do a few things we never get to do otherwise while the girls carb loaded on ice cream and candy!


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